What exactly is a Guardian Home?

It is our goal at Maple Woods for each of our breeding dogs to have a family of their own to give them the best possible life. When you become a Guardian family, you receive a pick of the litter puppy or adult dog to raise and love in your own home forever. The cost is a fraction of the selling price. Maple Woods Labradoodles retains the breeding rights for a designated time that is established with each family.

Our Expense

Your dog will be spayed or neutered at our expense when their breeding career is completed.

Yours Forever

Most importantly, your Australian Labradoodle will remain a part of your family forever!

A perfect addition to your family for just a fraction of the cost.

What's the cost?

Nothing in comparison to what you get in return!

There is an initial investment in our Guardian home program. We don't give our dogs or puppies away. We ask for a non-refundable deposit of $500. Maple Woods Labradoodles takes care of any expenses related to breeding. The Guardian family is responsible for regular veterinary and wellness care, which includes but is not limited to: vaccinations, heartworm and tick prevention (monthly), regular vet check-ups, regular exercise, socialization, and grooming, high quality dog food and most important, providing a loving, positive environment.

Are there benefits to being a Guardian home?

Besides that picture perfect puppy over there...

When you receive a Guardian dog, you are getting the very best from Maple Woods Labradoodles. What does that mean? We keep only puppies that meet the Labradoodle breed standard with the most important quality being their temperament. Another huge advantage is that your puppy will be fully health tested before the age of one at the expense of Maple Woods. Our Guardian families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, and seeing the offspring of their very own Guardian dog placed with families across the country, bringing others the same joy and happiness that they have received from their own Maple Woods Labradoodle!

What do I need to offer as a Guardian home?

To be a Guardian, you must live within 50 miles of Valparaiso, Indiana, have a fenced-in yard, and maintain a safe and secure environment for the Guardian puppy. You need to own your own home and not have a schedule that requires you to be away from your Guardian dog for long, extended periods of time on a regular basis. Guardian dogs must be indoor dogs and must not be left outside unattended. The Guardian family should have reliable transportation and a willingness to work with us to get the Guardian dog here a few times a year.

So, how does it work?

Most often, the Guardian family will receive a girl. Occasionally, we will have a boy needing a home. When the Guardian dog is in season, the Guardian family is required to contact us immediately. We will need to have breeding related appointments at this time. Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian family until one week before her due date. Her pregnancy is about 63 days. A week before she is due, she will come stay with us until her pups are weaned... approximately 5 weeks later. We love for Guardian families to visit their Guardian dog and encourage you to do so if possible! A guardian female will have no more than four litters during her breeding career.

We're interested!

How can we become a Guardian Home?

If you are interested in being considered as a Guardian Home, please fill out an application first, and then contact us through email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you!