Let me introduce you to the Maple Woods Australian Labradoodle

When I found the Australian Labradoodle, at last my search was complete. Angelically wrapped in an awe-inspiring fur coat soothingly reminiscent of a teddy bear, yet somehow moving with the agility and finesse of a leopard, seemingly in defiance of gravity, graceful and magnificent as a lion, he is a sight to behold. Truly one of a kind, the Maple Woods Australian Labradoodle is a gold standard for dogs. Impossibly combining the calming presence and personality of a service dog with all the beauty and charm of a show dog, they inspire more happiness than you could've ever imagined without them.

With bloodlines originating from the original Australian lines of Rutland and Tegan Park, our puppies have been carefully bred for many generations to be allergy friendly, low to non-shedding, highly intelligent, and easy to train, with a sweet disposition that is eager to please!

The super-athletic companion for your next adventure.
The well-mannered and gentle best friend to your kids.
The playful and loving cuddle-bug perfectly suited for families with allergies or for those who do better in a calm environment.
Meet the Australian Labradoodle.

Breed Origins

In 1970's Hawaii, a blind woman wrote to the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia requesting a guide dog that was hypoallergenic. At the time this was thought to be a rare, irreproducible quality, and so regrettably they had to reply that they had no such dog to offer her.

Dissatisfied with having been unable to help the poor woman, it was then that Wally Conron set out to breed a first-of-kind, non-shedding assistance/service dog for people with severe allergies. He started with the Labrador, tried and proven, crossbreeding it with the standard Poodle, imported from Sweden. Already known for being non-shedding, the Poodle would turn out to be the ideal match for the highly esteemed service Labrador.

Together they created the Labradoodle. It took generations of meticulous and careful breeding to pass on the non-shedding quality of the Poodle, but the Labradoodle would eventually evolve into the all-around perfect companion we know today as the Australian Labradoodle.

In maintaining the purity of the original bloodlines, Maple Woods Labradoodles is proud of its role in advancing the evolution of one of the most kind-hearted, patient, loyal, loving, affectionate, and eager to please dogs you will ever have the pleasure of calling "best friend."

"The main attraction to the Labradoodle was the low to non-shedding coats, but more and more people were won over by the wonderful disposition and kindness the Labradoodle possessed. These dogs were becoming so versatile, their intelligence and tenacity started to attract families and trainers’ wanting special dogs for sports and assistance/therapy dogs. Today you can see the Australian Labradoodle around the world as an allergy friendly soul mate, family companion, seizure alert dog, agility dog, assistance dog to the physically and mentally disadvantaged, guide dog, and in the not too distant future maybe a gun dog and show dog."

Each of our doodles gets their own family to provide them with the love and attention every dog needs!

All Maple Woods doodles live with their very own guardian families. Contact us to learn more about the Guardian Program.

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