Family-raised Australian Labradoodles from Indiana.

My name is Debbie and I live with my husband John and our 3 great kids in Northwest Indiana, about 45 minutes from Chicago. We live in a rural area ten minutes from Lake Michigan with a large wooded property for our doodles to romp and explore. We love the breed and are so proud to share these exceptional family pets with you!

Our doodles have their own families, each getting the love a dog needs – yet they are a part of our family. When they are here, they sleep with us at night and follow our every move all day. They are loving, sweet, funny, well-behaved, and live to please us! Puppies are birthed in our home and socialized with our family and friends.

Intelligent, well-loved and well-socialized puppies!

Our goal here at Maple Woods is to breed true Australian Labradoodles that have been selectively bred for many generations to produce wonderful temperaments and exceptional beauty. Our doodles have been bred to have amazing, low-shedding and very allergy resistant coats. My family has three severe allergy-sufferers and our doodles have been great for us!