Dixie and Theodore

We love our Dixie babies and are loving what Theodore is bringing to our program! Sounds like a great pairing right? Dixie is a very loving, sweet dog and Theodore is a happy, friendly boy. Great match!

Dixie has finally gone into season. We will be filling this list in the next day or two.

Small mediums 23-30 lbs.
All shades of caramel and red and a possible white parti with red markings.
wavy to straight, gorgeous, fleece coats

The Parents

Meet the beautiful Australian Labradoodle parents.
Moo Cow's "Keep Your Eyes On the Stars" Theodore

Theodore, (Teddy) is a gorgeous dark caramel boy with a really beautiful coat! He is friendly, so happy to greet people and really is devoted to his mama! He is happy and playful but has such a desire to please his humans.

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