Braeya’s family says she is the “sweetest, cuddliest” dog ever. She loves to go to all their sporting events with them and has made many friends! She is calm and content to entertain herself but always loves to play with her family. Olivia wasn’t available for pictures this time so she thought it was a perfect choice to let Braeya’s human sister, Brooklyn step in! We have known her her whole life and love her!

Braeya is a mini at 19 lbs and she has a wavy to straight, caramel fleece coat with a full white chest. She is the daughter of our much loved Fizzgig who has given us so many beautiful puppies. We are excited to see Braeya carry on her mom’s legacy! She has passed all of her health testing with excellent results!

Maple Woods "Take a Bow Braeya"